Endocrine Bone Laboratory

Studies in our laboratory have focussed on characterising dietary and hormonal factors influencing bone structure and strength particularly as related to osteoporosis. In particular, we are interested on the contribution of vitamin D status to bone structure and cellular proliferation and maturation.

We have consequently developed rodent models of vitamin D depletion to study changes to bone structure and bone cell activity. We have also developed and obtained a number of knock-out and transgenic mouse models to study the roles of direct vitamin D activity and metabolism within the skeleton. These models have been used successfully and been the subject of numerous publications and NHMRC project grants.

Collaborations with clinicians have allowed the laboratory to participate in clinical studies to develop and test hypothesises arising from the animal model work. This work has integrated biochemical, hormonal, and dietary interactions with quantification of skeletal structure, strength and bone cell activities including molecular signalling.

Prof Howard Morris
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