Dame Roma Mitchell Cancer Research Laboratories

The Dame Roma Mitchell Cancer Research Laboratories have an internationally recognised research program focussed on breast and prostate cancers. Our research uses the latest genomic technologies combined with clinically-relevant laboratory models that we have developed in close collaboration with surgeons and oncologists, who are at the front-line of treating these cancers. We aim to understand how these cancers develop and the reasons why some patients develop resistance to current therapies, and to develop new treatments that are so urgently required for patients with advanced disease.

Our overarching goal is to address these critical scientific and clinical questions, while also maintaining strong links with consumers, who have been personally affected by breast or prostate cancer. To that end, our research program is enhanced by a consumer advisory panel and national and international collaborators who ensure that our research remains clinically-relevant and is at the cutting edge of international science.

Prof Wayne Tilley
+61 8 831 37861


To support the Dame Roma Mitchell Cancer Research, please contact the Royal Adelaide Hospital Research Fund.