Musculoskeletal Biology Research Laboratory

The Musculoskeletal Biology Research Laboratory (MBRL) explores fundamental bone biology research with an emphasis on preventative strategies to minimise bone loss associated with osteoporosis. Current treatment therapies are poor partly because administration can only be given later in life, for relatively short periods and usually only when significant bone loss has already occurred. New strategies to prevent bone loss in the first place are urgently needed.

Vitamin D deficiency is an issue which keeps popping up in the media, as it is suggested that many more of us are vitamin D deficient than ever before. From a clinical perspective, we investigate the issues of what levels of vitamin D do we need to prevent a multitude of diseases, including osteoporosis. We are also describing in detail what the molecular and cellular effects of changes to vitamin D activity within the skeleton on overall bone health. These studies are demonstrating the role of vitamin D in is determining bone health and define how much vitamin D is needed for skeletal health.

A/Prof Paul Anderson
+61 8 822 23244


To support research in the Musculoskeletal Biology Research Laboratory at the Hanson Institute, please contact the Royal Adelaide Hospital Research Fund.