Immunology Research at the Hanson Institute

The Hanson Institute provides an environment and facilities for basic and clinical researchers employed by SA Pathology, the Royal Adelaide Hospital, the University of South Australia and the University of Adelaide located on the campus of SA Pathology and the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Its primary goals are to make fundamental biological and biomedical discoveries, to provide an environment and world-class facilities necessary for conducting research at an international level, and to establish the important linkage between basic scientists and clinicians, thus facilitating the full development and application of the therapeutic potential of basic science discoveries.

Immunology Research Laboratories

Cell Signalling Laboratory A/Prof Yeesim Khew-Goodall +61 8 822 23410
Centre for Clinical and Experimental Transplantation A/Prof Toby Coates +61 8 822 20957
Cytokine Receptor Laboratory Prof Angel Lopez +61 8 822 23422
Detmold Family Trust Cell Imaging Centre Kate Pilkington +61 8 822 23322
Gene Regulation Laboratory Prof Greg Goodall +61 8 822 23430
Molecular Signalling Laboratory Prof Stuart Pitson +61 8 822 23472
Vascular Biology and Cell Trafficking Laboratory A/Prof Claudine Bonder +61 8 822 23504


To support Immunology Research at the Hanson Institute, please contact the Royal Adelaide Hospital Research Fund.